Lyle Notice
Youth Director
342878_35_e9616dLyle grew up in city of Toronto. From a young age had a passion for the stage. He met a local actor by the name of Charles Officer who recommended him to an agent Lisa Burke. Lyle began acting and was destined to be star in Hollywood. One day as he was practicing method acting auditioning for a movie roll he was caught in a battle of spiritual warfare. After that experience he felt God calling him to ministry. In 2001 he enrolled at Canadian University College and prepared for pastoral ministry. Upon graduating in 2005 he then went on to Andrews University where he completed his Masters of Divinity. In 2008 he accepted a call to become the youth pastor at the Ottawa Seventh-day Adventist Church. He currently serves as the Associate Youth Director where he works with pathfinders, community outreach, local mission trips, disaster response and media ministry. Lyle is a bit of a bookworm who loves skateboarding, djing, breakdancing, social media, social entrepreneurship and social justice issues. He is married to Cheri who is a grade 6 teacher.