Our Purpose


The Alberta Conference Youth department is focused on Global Outreach. We are heavily focused on mobilizing our youth to be active in Short Term Mission Trips.
By empowering youth to serve outside of their country and outside their comfort zones it helps them to see that life is much more than just being a consumer and more about being a giver.
Our missions include building projects such as churches, schools, and community centers. In 2011 we embarked upon a journey to Belize where we were warmly welcomed by the locals as we helped them to build a chapel and a school. In February 2013 we plan to go on two mission trips to continue the work of building up communities and sharing the love of Christ.


The Alberta Conference Youth Department is dedicated to providing youth with access to information and tools that will empower them to live a successful life for Christ.
We seek to encourage, empower, enable and equip youth of today to be revolutionary change agents for Christ.


We are also involved in our community locally. STORM CO which stands for Service To Others Really Matters, is initiative that empowers youth to bring love through service to communities; like cleaning up garbage, painting fences, building stairs, making green houses etc. We understand that we don’t have to go far away to serve, we can make a difference right here in our own backyards.